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Brian Lundell Piano Instruction Reviews

Talented Teacher

"Our family has had lessons with Piano Brian for 3 years now. What I find helpful about his teaching style, is that kids start playing on the first day. He works in theory progressively, but makes sure the kids can play all along. When they plunk out recognizable tunes, right off the bat, that's almost all the positive reinforcement that they need! I also appreciate that he meets the kids at their level, with just the right amount of "push" to keep improving. For example, his style with our teen is just right, but quite different than how he teaches our 3rd grader. I highly recommend Piano Brian." Piano Family

Wonderful teacher

"Brian has been a fantastic teacher. I was looking for someone who could work with my young son who could sometimes be a handful. Brian was encouraging and professional all at once. He focuses on technique and I was thrilled that he had my son working on technique (scales, cadences) right from the start. He has a knack for choosing songs that are engaging, many of which he had written himself. Brian is very knowledgeable when it comes to music theory and feels it is important that kids learn theory right along with learning how to play. Included in his well-rounded approach are lessons on the history of the piano and how the piano is constructed. He truly wants his students to succeed. We're now in our 4th year of lessons with Brian and I am very happy with my son's progress." akdonline

Brian is a great piano teacher

My son has been learning piano from Brian for five years. We have had positive experience from the very beginning. Brian is always encouraging and patient. He picks the music that my son likes to play. He has his own way of teaching that makes learning piano fun and not so frustrating especially through the period of time my son is learning notes. Brian is also flexible when it comes to scheduling make up lessons. I would recommend Brian to kids especially beginners. Redmond Parent

Great for young children and older teenagers

"Our son started lessons with Brian before 2nd grade and is still taking lessons at 16 years old. Brian got our son excited about playing the piano and over the years has tailored the music to our son's interests. He did not have to slog through a series of piano books for years. Even with high school activities, my son did not want to give up lessons. Brian adapts his teaching style to fit the student. My son benefits from having 2 pianos available for duets, time for theory and time to play his own compositions." ADS

Great with kids, incredible musician

"I am so impressed with Brian's teaching skills. He picks music to suit the taste of the student, so they like playing. He has a gentle style that makes learning music fun. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has a child starting out on piano. My son started at age four with shorter lessons, and moved on to longer lessons as his attention span improved. Its been a great experience for him!" Bridget Horne

Brian really knows how to work with kids

"My son has been taking lessons from Brian since he was six--he's almost 11 now. I've been amazed at his progress. He grumbles sometimes about practicing but he's always happy to go to a lesson with Brian and even happier when I pick him up. Brian does a good job of introducing sight reading and music theory without sucking the joy out of playing. Really, I think Brian is a complete gem for anyone looking to teach their children piano. (I'm sure he's good with adults too but I can't comment on that.)" Redmondmom

Gifted, Encouraging, and Flexible

"We have been with Piano Brian for going on 3 years and it has been a wonderful experience! He is a gifted teacher and musician, and a very interesting person to know as well. He works hard and expects his students to work hard too, but he is very much a partner in their learning and is not overly demanding. We've also seen great success with the way he involves his students by letting them select a song they would like to play - it's very motivating for his students. He has also been very flexible working with us to find an available time for a makeup lesson when the inevitable schedule conflict occurs. We have been very happy with Brian and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play piano or learning to be a better piano player. " TonyaW